27 February, 2012  |   11 Comments

Meal plan, this week.

This week, in supper

Oh man, I went from really sick to really really sick.
This flu that has turned to strep has turned into a really bad strep has turned into an emergency room visit and a super duper, wowie zowie serious infection.

Life, with your bigger lessons.
You make me sigh.
Except sighing hurts.

(I have a feeling that this week’s meal plan is going to turn into a lot of blended soups.)

What’s your favorite sore throat food?

11 thoughts on “Meal plan, this week.

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    Gayle says:

    oh no! I hope someone brings you a Frosty from Wendy’s, STAT! Feel better soon…

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    Juice says:

    Chicken noodle soup is the answer or chicken broth.

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    heather... says:

    Twinsie, this is troubling. I would like you to be healthy. There, I just waved my magic wand, I bet you feel better already.

    Oh, my favorite sore throat food is a cup of WHINE followed by a meal of CRY. Sore throats are my kryptonite.

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    Sara says:

    Smoothies! I hope someone is Bringing you smoothies.
    Feel better, lovely lady.

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    jif says:

    Wow, HJ you and me both. OK, I don’t have it as bad as you do but strep for the first time in like 20 years – and I’ve had it twice in one month! ugghhhhhhhhhh! The only perk – weeewww those christmas pounds really fly off when you have fever sweats and dont eat anything for four days! I have been making chicken soup like its going out of style. and carrot cake. and thick yogurts feel good. and eating lots of lox. and drinking hot vitamin c drinks. i may beat this second bout without antibiotics….sending healthy vibes your way!!!

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