3 thoughts on “Meal Plan

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    sweetney says:

    YUM. When can I move in?

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    jif says:

    ok, a few questions: first, do the girls eat all of these things too? if so, a. amazing and b. how did you get them to do it? second, can you pls post recipes to these dishes? third, your menus are sometimes quite elaborate, like black bean soup and tortilla soup too??? do you really make two soups for one meal or is it either/or? inquiring minds want to know… 😉

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      Helen Jane says:

      1. No, they don’t eat everything (I wish!). But they eat most of our foods. I think we’re at a point where we mostly eat foods everyone will be into. No thank you helpings are also key.

      2. Yes! I’d love to! Next week?
      (Keep your eyes peeled.)

      3. Elaborate food is usually 1/2 made ahead and/or slow cooker food. Like for the soup party on Friday, the tortilla soup is made ahead of time and the black bean soup will be going in the crock pot all day. Pot stickers are frozen as well.

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