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Internet party at your house – thoughts

If you thought you liked my entertaining tips, you’ll love my style tips. I’m guest editing the Style United Facebook page.

Tips focus on inner beauty, time saving beauty shortcuts and vintage style.
(All the things I love the most.)

March 2012

I’ve been slowly going through my archives and finding all kinds of gems.

Like this Thai Soup Recipe, and this Pad Thai Recipe and this poem I wrote the weekend I met James.

I’m so happy I have a record of these moments. And as I’ve been all mentally jammed up when it comes to this site, especially after working for the place that matches up brands with online authors.

Brands need great writers.
Great writers need income.
I help match them up and it’s rewarding with a big R.

But like I said, my motivations with this site got all… stuck.

March 2012

So I’m keeping helenjane.com as our record of my life, the way it was before, the way I used it in the beginning. A digital record of my life since I was TWENTY ONE. Let’s hope I have it until I’m ninety nine. It’s a record. A big R Record.

Ha! Those big R’s reminds me that Nora Lea’s preschool class is working their way through the alphabet week by week. (The alphabet! Already!)

Signs hang in their classroom over the past year that say:



So I laugh and feel uncomfortable and wish we had better euphemisms for words that are symbols of real things.

In short:
Style United
Favorite old posts
The C Word

2 thoughts on “Internet party at your house – thoughts

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    Angella says:

    Well, I’m glad you’re here and are sticking around. I sometimes wrestle with my site, but then I use it to look up something and I’m so glad I have it. 🙂

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