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Artichoke dip recipe, the best

This is a photo of my favorite best artichoke dip.

In spring, I get a little goofy with happiness as three of my favorite foods come into season. Stocking up on asparagus, strawberries and fresh artichokes fills my heart with glee. (It’s the little things, isn’t it?)

Since my favorites haven’t quite yet hit the stores this season, I satisfy myself by making this cheesy, creamy perfection.

See, you need an artichoke dip recipe.
You need this for potlucks and book clubs and to impress your new beau.
You need this with corn chips or thinly-sliced, slightly crusty French bread.

But Helen Jane! I thought you were posting recipes from your meal planning this week.

Well, this recipe works because all the items can be found in your pantry. Canned, condimental (that’s a word), on hand, this is the kind of dip you can go to when there’s an event you haven’t planned for. Pop up dip!

No spinach or water chestnuts to mess up the creamy texture, this dip is all squishy smoothy comfort.

My artichoke dip makes people get all grabby.

Helen Jane’s Trusty, Tasty Artichoke Dip Recipe

2 cans artichoke hearts, quartered
2 cups mayonnaise
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
2 small cloves garlic, minced
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 cup of grated Parmesan cheese to mix through
1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on the top

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Drain and rinse the artichoke heart cans.
(What are we, animals?)

In a large bowl, fold together the artichokes, mayonnaise, garlic, Worcestershire, pepper and the Parmesan cheese.

Scrape the mix into a baking dish. I usually split the recipe between two smaller baking dishes. This way, guests can scoop with minimal germing and maximum crusty cheesy topping.

Top the dip with the other 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese.

Bake dip for 30 minutes, or until golden and bubbly.

After removing from the oven, sprinkle with parsley, serve with tortilla chips or French bread.

Now don’t get grabby, get giddy. You have the perfect artichoke dip recipe.

This artichoke dip recipe makes my bocce team happy. That's enough right there, isn't it?

11 thoughts on “Artichoke dip recipe, the best

  1. 1
    Gayle says:

    No spinach!?? You’re so daring!!
    I kind of only want this if I can have it in your adorable vintage (looking?) milk-glass baby casserole dish… too cute.

  2. 2
    Beth says:

    Do people really put water chestnuts in their artichoke dip?! That is a shame. After tasting this recipe I can guarantee you it will make an appearance at my house soon!

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  4. 4
    nicole says:

    Oh hello! I need this right now IMMEDIATELY! Or, this weekend … 🙂

  5. 5
    Kristin says:

    I’m never quite sure whether to use canned or marinated artichoke hearts. Which did you use?
    The dip looks delicious!

    • 5.1
      Helen Jane says:

      I used canned (more for the money). I think marinated artichokes are great in salads and pasta, but since there’s so much mayo and cheese going on, I like to keep it straightforward.

  6. 6

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  7. 7

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  8. 8
    Tommy moore says:

    Helen, can your artichoke dip be made with sour cream instead of mayo and not be baked ? sounds really good

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