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How I remember to take my pills

How I remember to take my pills

After this year’s February of doom, I’ve taken a stronger interest in my health. Step one: Get a baseline blood panel.

Lo and behold, I was super low in Vitamin D and Vitamin B. My blood pressure is high and my sinuses are a wreck. I’ve been prescribed sprays, allergy meds, vitamins and I am back on the aspirin.

So after a few years of taking nothing but prenatal vitamins, like a lot of Americans, I’m back on the daily pill party.

As I have a lot of other tasks vying for my attention, taking daily pills just isn’t something I always remember. But at least I know enough to hack myself.

I set out my trusty Ikea votive holders (also known as our small wine glasses and the perfect pudding cups). On Sunday, I fill them up for the following week. I  start the whole thing again the next week.

Easy and pretty.
And good for me too.

Vitamin and pill cups all stacked up

7 thoughts on “How I remember to take my pills

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    laura says:

    This is a geat idea! I can’t remember to take my vitamins, and I resisted the urge to get one of those plastic pill things because I feel old enough already. I am going to get on this right away – simple and perfect! Thanks!

  2. 2
    Schmutzie says:

    You make pill-taking pretty! I should try that.

  3. 3
    Gayle says:

    I like it! Far more elegant than the plastic days-of-the-week holder. And if you need a reward for remembering, there’s a small wine glass/large shot glass at the ready!

  4. 4
    heather... says:

    you’re so smart, twinsie. xo

  5. 5
    RJ says:

    Though this is pretty and a good idea, I have to say it is a huge danger around children! I hope you keep them on a high shelf unseen by children!

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