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Thoroughly enjoyable weekend


Poor Dottie.
On Saturday morning, she jumped off a cedar chest at a yard sale and landed face first in a paving stone, getting her first black eye.

She’s fine.
James and I are traumatized.

Saturday night, James surprised me with a whirlwind date night. We spent too much and stayed out too late but it was way overdue. Cook! Goose and Gander! La Condesa! Hooting and hollering! Surprise date night took us out of our taxes, toddlers, budgets, meal prep, cleanup, laundry, floor routineroutineroutine.
(And it made me like him even more.)

Auntie Clare came to visit. Little girls played in the backyard pool. Seedlings sprang. Half marathons were run (Not by me. Ahem). Friends came over for an impromptu backyard taco bar. Wrapped it all up with dirty bath tubs and couchsleeping.


There’s always so much to do.
Unless there’s not.
And then we’d be smart to enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “Thoroughly enjoyable weekend

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    Alyson says:

    Taco bar sounds delightful. We have taco night for just the two of us a lot, but I always yearn to serve tacos to everyone I know. Maybe I can throw one pre-baby bash with a big taco bar!

    I love that you eat and cook regular food that everyone actually wants to eat. I love all kinds of food, am a really adventurous eater and a pretty advanced cook. But my goodness, everything does NOT need to be so gussied up. The parties of mine that everyone likes the best are the ones where I make stuff that’s based on what everyone had at birthday parties as kids, or Saturday night dinners when their moms had time to cook something interesting. Your recipes and ideas are always in that vein, and I love it.

Hooray for replies!