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Style United, Meal Plan, Mom 2.0 Summit

I like all the kind things you said about my Mom 2.0 presentation. There’s a lot more I have to say about this internet culture of ours, and it makes my heart bubble to know that you want to hear it.

Update bound!

These nieces love their Auntafee.

My daughters play hair salon.
That hat is the dryer.
Those chopsticks are the scissors.
This is exactly what I hoped having two daughters would be like.

Bocce season starts this week.
We’re playing the Holy Rollers.


And oh, hey!
I’ve written some things in other places on the internet.

Here, I wrote about how to avoid mom hair for Style United.
Here, I wrote about shopping after weight loss or weight gain for Style United, yet again.


Here is what we’re eating this week.
we are lucky to be eating food this week.

I’m going to invent a vaguely Asian noodly shrimp toss tonight. Let’s see how that goes.


I went to Mom 2.0 in Key Biscane last weekend. I went as a speaker and as a sponsor (for FMP, my day job). I spoke about some of the ways the internet can make you feel bad and how to feel better. I spoke to lots of other authors and publishers about Daily Buzz Moms and Federated Media.

That was fun.

Tracey and Kristen are good ladies.

I got to officially meet Tracey and Kristen for the maybe lots of times, maybe first time, doesn’t matter, we’re bloggers, we get to stay in touch.

Seeing Kristen Howerton from Rage Against the Minivan. She has this reasonable energy around her that’s so intoxicating. Intoxicated by reason! Kristen and Sarah are good ladies.

Sarah from Whoorl.com ain’t too shabby herself, what with her secret, valued, accumulated beauty knowledge.

Heather Spohr is a good lady.

I always love seeing Heather Spohr. She is a force. A sweet, smart, force. The internet is a better place with her optimism and grounding.

And that’s what’s been going on.

Any ideas for what I should put in that vaguely Asian noodly shrimp toss tonight? That would be awesome.



4 thoughts on “Style United, Meal Plan, Mom 2.0 Summit

  1. 1
    Pam says:

    That hat is EXACTLY what a dryer should look like. Always.

    Your 7 min presentation was extraordinary. I sit here unsurprised at that.

  2. 2
    Jennifer says:

    For your asian noodly shrimp toss, may I suggest snow peas and broccoli with ginger and orange. Maybe a splash of sesame oil.

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