21 May, 2012  |   Comment

And we keep going…

It has been hectic in both the good way and the bad way.
But your life isn’t any different, I gather.


We played bocce on Thursday.
We won a few games and it was good.
We have a good team.
I can only believe that it’s only the very best kind of people that bring Banh Mi meatball sandwiches.

Bahn Mi Meatball Awesomeness

Grandma and grandpa sent us some new clothes.

We went to Sam’s delicious birthday barbecue party.
Birthday BBQ

We hosted yet another fun Cheesewhizzes event at Flora Springs winery on Saturday (and raised $250 for the What if Foundation).


We went to the park.


We ran here and there.


We ran here and there, just like you did.

Hope your week is filled with love, all the love you can handle.

Hooray for replies!