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Links and thinks

We had a great weekend.
Lots of sitting.
Lots of snuggles with sweaty necked toddlers.
Lots of quiet breezes.

Pixar green screen day

Down with OPP*
Sujata by BHJ yes.
This was no trauma or turning point. It was butternut squash risotto.

Amy Turn Sharp writes a poem every day.
don’t they taste like food from the street
stuck to the asphalt 

these are the echoes of the dream time by Kate Ingliss
I vow to be more graceful than I am. Still, goat’s arsehole makes me smile. I don’t mean it but it works, in that healthfully resigned kind of way.

Donna Hay on Pinterest. This pleases me.

There’s a lady that I love with the old lady afternoon cocktail part of my soul and her name is Pamela Ribon. She’s the friend that I name drop as “my friend who writes for Hollywood” as though that was a thing that a person would do. Pamela has written the excellent web log Pamie.com since long before the breaka dawn.

She wrote yet another book, and it’s perfect for summer consumption. I ate it right up with my eyeballs this weekend and now my eyeballs are full, but like, summer salad full, not gravy fries full.  It’s worth the pre-order.  Promise.

My girl

Me party
Articles from Style United.

Thinking about summer entertaining? You should host a bellini bar next weekend.

How to chill beverages quickly.

@kristenhowerton Not kidding about the pants.

Would you rather speak in front of a crowd or sing in front of a crowd?
(Just curious.)

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2 thoughts on “Links and thinks

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    pamie says:

    Nora is looking so very Fancy Nancy.

  2. 2
    Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for recommending You Take It From Here! I’m going to be spending about a week at the lake this summer and I’m hoping to be able to start reading books again. That’s the dream. 🙂 Anyway, this one looks awesome, especially since I grew up in a small Louisiana town that I couldn’t wait to get away from. Plus the whole BFF/death thing. I don’t know why I continue to make myself sob through these stories, but I do. It’s a sickness. 🙂

Hooray for replies!