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What we’re playing at, an update.

Dottie's finger painting.

Fair warning: There is nothing in this post that will make you look better or feel better. I know that’s not what I’d recommend if you wanted to maximize your monies, but I’m feeling journalish.

Dottie made a glitter diaper with glue.

Way back at the beginning of the month, I went to the Digital Family Summit, Stephanie Schwab’s conference in Philadelphia. Shelia Dowd, Tauni Everett and I spoke on a panel called the 21st Century Paper Route all about how to make money blogging*.

I have to admit I didn’t understand the premise of the conference before attending. Kids? Parents? Blogging together sometimes but not really? Huh?

But when I saw it in action, parents and kids better understanding each other — thriving through communication — through this digital medium, I was completely impressed. The kids went bonkers at the sponsor presented parties (sponsors with the vision included Ubisoft and Gillette Venus). I even learned how to make those cool ribbon barrettes I begged my mom for in elementary school.
(P.S. Thanks to Jessica for the patient tutorial.)

After seeing this strange, amazing blog hobby through kids’ eyes, I came back to throw Nora Lea’s fourth birthday party.

Sometimes I make visual lists because they help burn to-dos in my memory a little deeper.

Planning for Nora Lea's birthday

After that, we played some bocce.

The Nefarious Hone Dogs

Spinning around to get to EVO was worth it. I have some more to say about that conference next week. In the meantime, I just need to say that EVO holds such a dear place in my heart. Such good, good people do the conference and the vibe is so calm, welcoming and supportive. They do a great job of minimizing that nervous lady-blogger energy.

Plus, I got to ride in a hot air balloon.

Balloon ride with Candlewarmers

All of this finds me back between Napa Valley and San Francisco hosting the Fifth Annual Bocce Chili Cookoff. It all goes down this Thursday, uh, tomorrow. Over on Serious Eats, I wrote about how you could do it yourself a few years ago.

This year the Wine Sisterhood is sponsoring the event, and I can’t wait to share all of our cool ideas for making it easy for the entrants, the judges and the organizers. Because seriously, if I can plan a chili cookoff, you can too.

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