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Brain wedge day.

Natalie's Taco Party

I’m currently trying to dislodge a giant wedge in my brain,
a wedge just over my left eye,
a wedge that’s keeping me from
sharing my Real Deep Thoughts.

A wedge of fear between my Real Deep Thoughts and you.

But in an effort to loosen the Real Deep Thoughts, I’m just going to write the regular, boring old stuff. No Real Deep Thoughts today. Shuffle on. Shuffle on.
(Apologies in advance.)

Just writing is the best way to dislodge a brain wedge, right? I think I read that somewhere. Amy Turn Sharp’s blog, perhaps, maybe Alice’s blog.

So writing.
Writing about stuff.
[Deep breath.]

My Day Job

Vote for a laptop bag
Do you like judging things?
Vote for an amateur designer’s take on a laptop bag. HP is behind the whole thing. Someone might win $10K.
Mondo will be judging right beside you. (And face it, you’ve always wanted to judge something alongside Mondo.)

Style United
I’ve been editing the Style United Facebook page this week, and am actually having a ton of fun over there — where else, can you find out what articles and images are informing my autumn style plans?


Foodbuzz Festival
I’m working on the programming for the Foodbuzz Festival food blogging’s more intimate networking event in San Francisco. It’s on Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20. The tickets are only $30 and involve WAY more than that in terms of food, networking and experiences.

We’re working on the Ferry building excursion/scavenger hunt now — and you all remember how much I like to throw Adventureparties. SO, come to a Helen Jane corporate funded Adventureparty! At the Ferry Building!

Plus, we’ll hang out.
You can ask me for all kinds of secret advice on how to get more traffic and money for your internet web log.

Meh. Scratch that.
That sounds boring.
Also, obviously something I’m not putting into practice.

Instead, let’s hang out and talk about what you want.
What you really, really want.

Friends and Countryladies

Vote for the Dance Theater of Harlem
Isabel Kallman is a force online and offline. She’s currently recruiting votes for the Dance Theater of Harlem to win some significant money.

Voting will take but a few seconds, and if the effort is successful, a whole load of art is going to be made — thanks to your precious seconds!

Sh*tty Mom
Alicia and Mary, two of the writers of Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us are fun ladies. The book is sweet. Sweetly acerbic, if that’s a thing. Is it?

If it is, and it sounds good to you, then go buy it!

Mighty Summit
Go win a bag from one of the chillest events I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending/creating/retiring from. Laura Mayes and Maggie Mason are both giving gift bags away today on their sites. You stand a decent chance, and the prizes are quite lovely. Some may say delightfully curated, but I am not one of those.

Wine Sisterhood Taco Party
I worked with the Wine Sisterhood since, well, since Terry invented it. Now that I have a day job, I’m lucky if I get to check in with them twice a year. Last weekend, they threw a party at my pal Natalie’s house. We brought the kids, who had a blast with Natalie’s pug.

It was stylish and charming and everything a taco party should be.

Natalie's Taco Party

Natalie's Taco Party

This used to be my dress.

And the girls got to eat all the tortilla chips they could shove in their mouthholes.

So there you have it, brain wedge loosening.
Thanks for continuing to put up with me, my loves.

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    Oh dear, I spy naked toddler booty in your second photo. Eek!

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