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Like a Universe, Sun Ra

My religion would look a lot like this poem from Sun Ra.
(Line breaks from me.)


Like a Universe

Sun Ra

Like a universe, perfect, if they only knew what great jokes God has played on humanity. Yes, he’s placed me in the midst of them for vague purpose, of vague.

And yet so great I don’t know where it is myself.
I don’t know where this purpose lies, hidden.

What is there?
A soft fire that is burning within me to let me know, yes, it is there.

And my mind searches for it,
my heart searches for it, and
I look and I think
“Yes, here it is”
then it’s gone.

It’s like a mist,
then it’s like a sunset,
it’s like a sunrise,
it’s like a universe.

It lies there, and yet I walk among people all along,
not knowing,
and the people not knowing, and
then I think, I say

“What a great joke I am”
and then strangely then,
if I look at people sometimes and I hate them.

I look at them and I hate them.

I don’t wish to destroy them,
I don’t want to harm them,
but I hate them because I know that I am part of them.
That I am here for them,
that I belong to them, and
that’s why I hate them,

because you see if I didn’t belong to them,
if I wasn’t placed here for them,
I would be a free spirit.

But I can’t be free as long as I haven’t served my purpose.

I can’t be free as long as I give to people what I have to give to them.

Yes I’m more free than most men.
I’m more free than most spirits,
but yet I’m chained.
You see it’s a great joke on me too.

Then again, I look at people and I love them.

I love them so very much until
I turn my head in shame.

I want to touch through my fingertips and erase the frown from their face, I want to touch them with my mind and erase their every care and every sorrow away, I want to touch them with my mind and open their mind’s eye to let them see the things I know and feel, I want to do that because I love them.

Then I look at them then I hate them again.
I hate them because I love them so much, and I don’t know.
I don’t know where the hate begins and the love ends,
I don’t know how love ends and hate begins.

I don’t know any of those things,
all I know is that I am a great joke.

I’m the biggest joke that’s ever been played upon world.

And people think, they think that god has no *ailment, but I know because I am a living joke.

I’m one that will cause people to scratch their heads and wonder in search of their hollow hearts and look in their souls and wonder “Where did he come from, what is he, who made him?”

You see, I am such a great joke, until I tickle myself.


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