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Future Thwarting

Over there.

I want to be creativity’s biggest promoter,
urging new ideas, experiments, daydreaming,
Find me out there pushing more.
Encouraging better.

We can’t have great stuff unless we create it.
We can’t create it unless we imagine it.
The more interesting things we imagine,
the more interesting our lives become.

Art party!

Creativity, demonstrated through space travel, blog posts, a conference call doodle, a banana tattoo or nuclear fusion. Creativity fuels our human animal propulsion to a better world.

If we don’t dream it,
if we, through our
synapse firey inspiration and
storytelling, don’t imagine it,
it doesn’t happen.

We don’t move forward.

"This is a picture of @ladyfee winning her race tomorrow."As creativity’s promoter, I’m on alert for creativity’s angry foe,
its thwarter and squasher,

Fear kills creativity.
Killing creativity makes our futures worse.

This makes me angry.
I’m angry that instead of reducing fear for a better world, people seem intent on increasing it.

Those in power and
those who want power are
intent on finding Scary Things.
children tucked away,
we are submitted to pat downs and
letter reading and
we distrust all of the strangers.

Distrust of everyone except the powerful.
Killing, my beloved creativity.

"This person wears high heels, but it might be a boy and that's okay. I like high heels."

Reducing fear makes a better world.

Reducing fear is what’s going to make time-travel, a hologram deck, long distance hugs and calorie free Chaumes possible.

Being afraid of losing my home, of being raped, of being shunned for being too loud or outspoken kills opportunities for creativity.

There is less violence in the world than there ever was.

Who’s not against fear?
Lots of those who think fear is the way to power.
(Instead of what we know, that creativity is the biggest power.)

Especially during this political time,
they use fear to their own ends,
I like to think they don’t know any better.
But I suspect it’s how they think the world works.

Just making.Fear keeps me safe.
Does it?
Fear keeps me prepared.
Does it?
Fear keeps the robbers, the Gays, the tattoo artists, the women with uteruses, and even more frightening, the women without uteruses at bay.
Does it?

Fear keeps me from coming up with my best ideas,
from sharing my best ideas.
From hostile brainstorming sessions to city council meetings.
Fear keeps me from thinking up a more compelling future.

Inspiring fear thwarts creativity.
But we already knew that.

ArttimeWhen I read — in the same day — about the bullet through the 15 year old Pakistani girl’s head and the Nobel prize for Chemistry going to two brilliant scientists studying (among many things) the physiological effects on adrenaline and cell receptors, I’m half sad, half hopeful.
(Per usual.)

Creativity is our human advantage.
No other species, no other animal comes together to create the sheer breadth of creation like humans.

So when we use this precious, precious power to terrorize, to frighten people into doing our will, we squander this gift.

This precious, precious gift.

So I’m going to be less fearful of one thing this week.
Maybe it will be old people, maybe it will be my neighbor across the street, maybe it will be leaving my children overnight.
(I’ll know it when I see it.)

I’ll look straight at my fear,
I’ll walk right through it.

3 thoughts on “Future Thwarting

  1. 1
    Jennifer Knighton says:

    Someone should get on that long-distance hug technology, asap, because I need to reach out there and put my arms around you for this. xo

    P.S. We should plan some world domination together maybe. Or at the least, some silliness and joy.

  2. 2
    sarafoley says:

    you are spot on! THERE IS LESS VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD THAN EVER THERE WAS! So true! I just opt out of the fear. If something fearful was to happen to me, I am sure I will face it when it comes. I am surely not going to contaminate my now worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet!.And that is why I will never be an OHS inspector 🙂

  3. 3
    Lauren Rizzo says:

    Yes, thank you for spelling it all out. Fear doesn’t stop anything, doesn’t help anything, doesn’t give us anything. It just takes – takes and ruins the good things we could be giving to a more constructive activity. It’ll always be there, but it doesn’t have to rule us.

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