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With James gone since last week, I’ve had lots of quality time with the littles.

The usual.

Everyone’s nails are painted,
all my bath tub stuff has been used up and
there are bushels of new artwork laying about.

Praise the effort, praise the effort, praise the effort.

Tonight kicks off the Foodbuzz Festival, an intimate social gathering of some of the world’s most interesting food bloggers. I’ll be hanging and dining and opining all things publishing with the fascinatingest of the bunch.

You going?
(Dude, tickets for bloggers are $30 and include two meals and some amazing networking events — are you a Bay Area blogger? Come check it out!)
I’ll have my yellow sweater on.

GreatScott Images: Hearn Family: Fall 2012 &emdash;

Tomorrow is the St. Helena Harvest Festival, one of my favorite days of the year. I’ll be attending a friend’s birthday brunch on the pet parade route and just typing those letters makes me grin so widely that the other ferry riders are giving me the side eye.


This is Nora Lea at her first Harvest Festival.
Happy Halloweenie

I can’t tell if I’m most looking forward to the parade of pets in costumes, the Boy Scout’s traditional Tri Tip sandwiches, seeing my child in a tiny Wonder Woman costume or the small town pride that I feel for months afterwards.

Circus themed

While I’m at it, my mom is doing better — still in therapy — but doing better. She and Brad are planning to come spend a month in our town this winter. I’m unreasonably excited for my girls to get some quality time with their grandparents. Nora Lea and Grandpa are the only two members of the World Fix-It club and Dottie keeps asking me when she can do more puzzles with Grandma.

I’m also excited to get them out of a Wisconsin winter for a month.
Because, dang, winters are rough on us aging humans.

Softening my sadness is that my friend Scott from Great Scott Images took some amazing photos of our weird little family when we were last visiting my parents in September.

I mean, he was my first real boss and all,
and he had to show me how to be an employee,
and that wasn’t easy,
because, lo, my sass-pot tendencies aren’t always that easy to wrangle.

But really, what I mean is that this kind of talent is just… geez.
GreatScott Images: Hearn Family: Fall 2012 &emdash;

Are you a Northeastern Wisconsiner looking for someone cheerful, kind, talented and responsible?
Go (and I say the word Go with seventeen O’s) hire that guy!

This weekend I promise to not write one to-do list.
I hope you’ll join me.

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    The picture of you and your mom sister is so beautiful!

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    Heather says:

    You ALL are gorgeous. In every way.

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