9 November, 2012  |   Comment

I love my flakes and hoarders

I got something free from a company and I’m writing about it.

A few months ago I was offered a trial of Cloud 9 gifting service. I decided to do something nice for me.

See, Cloud 9 gifts activities instead of things.
And activities are exactly what my budget ain’t got no space for.

I gifted myself a luxury pedicure.
And I couldn’t flipping wait.

Due to a busy work schedule, sick kids and emergency dentist appointments and well, life, I rescheduled 6 times.
I couldn’t find time for a pedicure.
(Way to fail on that New Year’s Resolution.)

But the people at Cloud 9 were nice every time.
It’s good for flakes. Like me.

Finally, my appointment had come, but my boss had rescheduled a meeting I had to attend. Couldn’t miss it. Again.

So I gifted the pedicure to a deserving co-worker with a meeting in that area.
She loved it.
Bonus pedicures for everyone!

(Shout out to La Bella Day Spa. Their Pariffin wax treatment made quite the impact on our tester.)

Other bonus? This is exactly the kind of gift you get for the relative whose has too much stuff. You know the one, whose house is a wreck. Who has rooms blocked off. We all have them. I have many, close to me. And they don’t need more stuff.

Get those people race car driving lessons, a meal prepared by a chef… wait on second thought, a massage — any of these can be easily gifted, while still giving the giftee some measure of control.

And if you need to reschedule, they’re happy to oblige.

Cloud 9 is perfect for flakes and hoarders and nice people and the deserving co-workers.
Like mine, and yours.


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