13 November, 2012  |   4 Comments

Nablopomo, under the wire

All right.
We just hosted a dinner party.
By that, I mean our two attractive neighbors came over for dinner.

JH & Sully

By that, I mean that we made food.
During the week.
That we served to friends.
Like we do.

Happy Birthday Ben

We did it without a dessert table or
matching linens or

Fancy Nancy dinner and hammerhead shark hunting.

We just had friends over for dinner.
And the kids came down to say, “Good Night.”
And then they went to sleep.

Nora Lea's first bocce game

And afterwards, like right now,
James and I feel better than we had in a long time.
Hanging out with people, face to face.

I dig this guy

Totally worth it.

4 thoughts on “Nablopomo, under the wire

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    Aimee S. says:

    Incredible, isn’t it, during this age where we are so constantly in touch via facebook/email/text/twitter, how much more gratifying it is to hang out face to face? I forget that sometimes. Think I’ll follow your weekday dinner party lead…

  2. 2

    whaaaaat?! no dessert table?! how do you do it, lady?

  3. 3

    […] I said yesterday, we hosted our neighbors for a midweek dinner […]

  4. 4
    esully says:

    BEST times. XOXO

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