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Dottie’s cupcake decorating third birthday party.

Dottie turned three!

My children, they are different.
One child, started planning her next birthday party last month. Her birthday is in July.
The other, just wanted the exact same party she had last year.

Dottie turned three!

Dottie has a more intimate soul.
She loves the routine.
And we love her for it.

Dottie turned three!

Here’s the catch, the next night, we would be hosting our annual Hearn Holiday Cocktail Party.
It’s a doozy of a grown-up party.
And it’s our holiday kick-off.

Dottie turned three!

Plus, both James and I had various business trips that week, resulting in neither one of us being there full-time.
We did a little every day and were ready with time to spare.

Dottie turned three!

Music plan, order balloons, grocery store, food plan, scheduling.
Grocery list: Dough, cheese, sauce, drink fixins.
(I froze the dough.)

Dottie turned three!

Make frosting.

Dottie turned three!

Make cupcakes. Set aside.

Dottie turned three!,

Put cheese, sauce, pepperoni, sausage, in plastic wrap covered bowls.
Defrost the dough.

Party day! Pick up ballons, give the house a once-over, make the salad,
Buy last minute toppings like mushrooms and basil. Also, ice.

Dottie turned three!

When we picked up the girls from preschool on Thursday, we walked home carrying all the balloons. Dottie wore her birthday crown proudly and told everyone, “It’s my BIRFDAY today!” And if you couldn’t smile at that, you must have some very hard things going on in your life.

Birthday girling.

We put the frosting in plastic bags for squirting, and then we put the sprinkles and such out on the trays.
(Just like last year.)

Everyone could take a few home in these cupcake boxes — but truthfully, nearly everyone I know isn’t eating cupcakes right now. I’m okay with that.

Dottie turned three!

Happy Birthday Dottie, you make us laugh every single day.

6 thoughts on “Dottie’s cupcake decorating third birthday party.

  1. 1
    Lori Haislip says:

    Adorable! My daughter used to love cookie decorating birthday parties. Will we see some inside scoop on the annual cocktail party?

  2. 2
    Angella says:

    All I see in these photos is Happy. Love.

  3. 3
    Tricia says:

    I simply adore the pic of the girls walking along with their dad holding the balloons. Priceless! (found your blog as I was looking up ‘what am I doing right with my blog’ and landed on your poem about why we blog and how it’s changed and had to check out the rest of your blog…love it!)

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Hooray for replies!