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Toxic bosses, office romances and garage makeovers

I love the quote from Laura Mayes. It applies to my life so far this year

Life is so… Lifey.

Shoe bucket is buckety

Let me save you from these melodramatic posts as I work through my midlife existential meh. In the meantime, I share writing that might actually help your life.

Bad Bosses

Over at Women and Co., I worked very hard not to share my own experiences with my own toxic boss. Oh, man, that guy was a jerk. Instead of ranting about his jerkiness, I channeled that rage into some measured help for your own new maybe-toxic boss.

Under the old regime, you received decent marks for your performance, and you worked fairly independently. Now, it feels as if you’re under a microscope. More >

I make art now, too.

Date Smarter at Work

Here, at the super-helpful Women and Co. site, I encourage you to date your co-worker. I encourage you to do it the smart way.

Definitely avoid dating up or down the chain. Having a romance with your boss or your employee can be grounds for harassment charges, as the perception that the relationship isn’t equal puts the company at a greater risk. More >

They make art now.

Garage Makeover

On the fantastic Go Mighty site, I share photos and updates about our Entertaining Library.

This was not an inspirational garage ordering… a post-Pinterest garage ordering… this was the basic kind of getting my garage in order. More >

They make art now.

Here’s to channeling all our capital F Feelings into the good stuff.

Hooray for replies!