29 March, 2013  |   Comment

Trying out Fresh Dish

We accidentally started a slide toward a veggie free home.
We’ve gotten into bad habits with our snacks, our breakfasts and our dinners.
It’s just that no one fights with us when we give the kids pasta, cheese, white bread and potatoes.

Papa, let's do spaghetti cooler teamwork!

But, sigh, engaging with children despite their reaction, that is what we call Parenting.
No joke.

You can teach them to take the shells off shrimp. Next up: washing greens.

Anyway, we’re trying to eating healthier this week. I had a veggie-specialist friend take a look at my meal plans and make a few suggestions and I agreed to try a home meal delivery service called Fresh Dish.

Fresh Dish is a meal delivery service that gives you the raw ingredients and that you can make your own meal. We had steak fajitas with mango salsa, we had turkey macaroni and cheese and they were good. It’s not the kind of thing that we’ll do every day, but it was sure a luxury to have prepared ingredients on the doorstep.

When will we use it?
– Next time we move
– Returning from vacation
– Gifts for new parents
– When I’m traveling for work

There’s a fair amount of trash generated – but the more you buy at once, the less you generate.

Want to try Fresh Dish for yourself?
Find out if it’s in your town, and if so, try this code HJXFRESH. It’ll get you one 4-person meal kit free if you buy one.
(A Good Gift for the new parents in your lives.)

This is my first BOGO anything, so please excuse me while I BOGO BOGO BOGO over here for awhile.

Hooray for replies!