6 thoughts on “Meal plan, this week.

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    Berit says:

    I would love this white bean rosemary puree slow cooker recipe. Also: Do you steam peanuts with your rice? Also #2: I feel your Friday 🙂

  2. 2
    Kat says:

    Can I have your hot & sour soup recipe please?

  3. 3
    megefly says:

    I don’t even know about Friday either.

  4. 4
    Lisa says:

    Do you really make five things for dinner? I am totally slacking if this is what other people are doing 🙂

    • 4.1
      Helen Jane says:

      HA! Want to make dinner for me on Friday? We’ll take ANYTHING!

      Usually, if there are a lot of items on the dinner plan, it’s because several of them were in the freezer or are pre-made.

      Both the tortilla soup and the hot and sour soup were in the freezer. The beans came from a can and the salad was my lunch today ;).

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