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Windy Picnic Sunday.

On Sunday, our whole family had a picnic in the park.
James and I, the girls.

We don’t usually go with each other. Park visits are usually a precious chance for a break for the other parent. But ever since our discovery that we’re both starved for creative time, we’ve taken to budgeting our time with the girls. I take them for long stretches on some days, he takes them for long stretches on some days, and then we have family days for all of us.

Picnic Sunday

Sunday was a family day.

Reading over this, it sounds quite miserable.
Scheduling time to parent? How obnoxious!
But we actually had discovered we were more miserable with each of us responsible for everything all the time — so we started scheduling breaks.

Picnic Sunday

We realized that we were starving. Neither one of us was making any of the art we needed to make to feel whole.

We packed hard boiled eggs and pickles for lunch

Usually Sundays devolve into a grumpy list of things to do do before the week starts.
This Sunday was a joy.

Picnic Sunday

Because James and I had each had our alone time the week before, we were somehow, better with our girls. More patient. More focused on their needs. We enjoyed each other.

Picnic Sunday

And our girls, being our girls, enjoyed multiple costume changes.

But where that kind of clothing change might have driven James and I batty on any other Sunday (argh! just wear your ONE OUTFIT), we indulged.

Nora Lea, may have had five costume changes. Her Tea Collection dress and sandals, were part of her third change of the day.

Picnic Sunday

Maybe it’s like with food. Or money.
Budgeting makes the good stuff all the more enjoyable.
We actually had cleared some room to enjoy ourselves.

But when we get in the thick of it, it’s too easy to forget.
James and I both just pitch in to slog through 104% always.
And resentful becomes the day’s secret word.

Feeling resentful is a creativity drainer for me. I don’t want to model that kind of behavior for my girls. I want to show them how healthy creativity works.

Picnic Sunday

Maybe it’ll help them protect their creative time too.

2 thoughts on “Windy Picnic Sunday.

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    Lindsay says:

    I might need to print this post and pin it to my fridge.

    I don’t know why it takes a stranger saying it to make me believe it, but it does. It’s refreshing and a weight off my shoulders to affirm that budgeting time / scheduling breaks / not being “on” 100% of the time is not only ok, but good.

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    Erica Lucci says:

    That’s a wonderful realization! And I don’t think it sounds horrible to schedule your lives…just like in business, we set goals and make a plan; we have to do the same with our personal lives. Otherwise, time just passes and our goals aren’t met.

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