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Those that can’t do, strategize?

Meat Raffle

I have so many feelings about sponsored posts.
And that’s a good thing, because it’s my day job.
(I wouldn’t want someone who isn’t skeptical in the job.)

My day job is setting up bloggers and brands with sponsored posts. My favorite kinds of posts are the underwritten posts, the ones where a theme is selected, the publisher gets a chance to write about something they would otherwise write about and the brand gets to politely join an online conversation. But most of the time there’s a product involved. And it requires description.

At Mom 2.0, I was on a panel with Whoorl, Heather Spohr and Kristen Howerton, talking about better sponsored posts. Since I don’t do sponsored posts much, it was all about my day job.

From our panel on sponsored posts -- this was from Sarah James

But for the next week, I’m doing a test. I’m going to try my hand at interesting, valuable sponsored posts. Because you come here for the dip recipes and internet thoughts. And I want to see if anyone can do it — and which traits of mine might or might not be suited for it. I’d like to squash the voice in my head that says, “Those who can’t do, get into content strategy…” and see if I could try.

From our panel on sponsored posts -- this was from Kristen Howerton

If sponsored stuff isn’t your gig, I encourage you to check back next Monday, when I’ll be back with more Billy Ocean posts.

Thanks for joining in my experiment.

From our panel on sponsored posts -- this was from Heather Spohr

One thought on “Those that can’t do, strategize?

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    Amye says:

    This sounds great.
    Go out and experiment because, well, you know more about this than you think.

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