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Gifting issues.

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Re-entry from our trip to the Big Traveling Potluck, Mickey’s house and Mom 2.0 has required a more intensive re-entry process than I was prepared for. Work! Kids! Bocce! Work! Work!

Speaking of, did you see my Biscuit Brunch and Mimosa Bar video that I did with the Wine Sisterhood? (It was exactly like being on a cooking show and I loved every minute of it.)

But a week out of making wine videos and being out of the office meant I needed to take care of the secondary items that were ignored. Cards, gifts, acknowledgements, bills, appointments, plans, all of it waiting patiently in a ditch.

None more than gifts.
They’re always last on my list

Except this one time when I bought James a cello

I’ve talked about love languages before, and the one I least understand is gifting. I am profoundly uncomfortable accepting gifts, purchasing gifts and watching people open gifts. There’s something about gifting that I’m not good at.

Gifting gives me a bunch of anxiety.
But I’m working on it.
And I’m starting with Auntie T.

Auntie T. got married in October. We’re super happy for her!
It’s a brave decision
when you decide
who you are and
who you love and make the leap.

And we owe her a gift to commemorate.
And I put it off.
Until I remembered what makes Auntie T unique. She loves New Orleans, she’s not fancy, she takes after her dad. So I put together a gift package right for her. Not for anyone else, but her. We love you T.

1-abita 2-superhero
3-toaster 4-cruise
5-beneigh 6-besh

1. Abita Strawberry Beer. This Louisiana brew only comes out once a year. Now how to smuggle to Arizona?
2. A Superhero Mask. The groomsfolk all wore them, and the brides are superheros.
3. Frigidaire Convection Oven. Make a late night French Bread pizza. Just like in the French Quarter. Or some Bread Pudding. Whatever.
4. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. Because it’s so much.
5. My New Orleans: The Cookbook. Let me tell you about the time Chef Besh served us cocktails and made me his assistant.
6. Beignet mix from Cafe du Monde. Perfect for Sunday morning experiments.

We packed it up with feather boas and love, and a whole lot of happy vibes for the new couple. Hooray for love and french bread pizzas or bread pudding.

3 thoughts on “Gifting issues.

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    Jen says:

    I love you video! It was great! Good job with the copy. It sounded natural and warm.

  2. 2
    jo_mi_co says:

    ABITA STRAWBERRY BEER. pray that there is some in NOLA for me next week.

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