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Pancake Days

This post sponsored by Frigidaire.

We do pancakes on the weekend.
And twice a month, the girls get sprinkles on their pancakes.
Sprinkles and “syrupy syrup.”

Pancake Weekend

My pancake recipe is tried and true.
Rarely do I ever mix it up, but this time, I used regular flour, added vanilla and an 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda.

Fluffy, trustworthy, homemade.
(Like most things around here.)

Pancake Weekend

I understand the vague blogger pressure to come up with some sort of newfangled Bananas Foster S’More Cakes or Kalecakes with Tamarind Creme, but this is why I’m not a food blogger.

I’m just Helen Jane.

Pancake Weekend

Right now, it’s more important we create traditions for our girls. We made a conscious decision that these years are for helping them feel secure and loved. These years are for building security.

Pancake Weekend

So I was pretty excited to get a griddle/panini maker from the fine folks at Frigidaire. On Saturday mornings, you’d usually find me flipping ‘cakes for about an hour. For this full-time employee, that’s missing out on some valuable giggling girl-time.

This sounds stupid, because maybe at some time we could have invested in another saute pan, but we haven’t.
(And, I’d like my 30 hours of pancake flipping back.)

I think the official name is the: Frigidaire Professional™ 5-in-1 Reversible Plates Grill/Griddle.

Thanks to this fairly lightweight griddle, I was able to cook eight 1/4 cup pancakes at a time, thereby saving me 45 minutes of pancake flipping time. (I only wish one of the plates was a waffle iron.)

Our panini press has moved to the entertaining library, in case you’re hoping to throw a panini party, swing by and borrow it.

Pancake Weekend

When we eat, we show off our “perfect bites,”
(equal parts scrambled eggs, pancake and sprinkles)
we know that fruit is the only green requirement.

My girls, they grow up with a pancake breakfast each week.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 thoughts on “Pancake Days

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    Tamarind creme sounds perfect for rinsing out a potty mouth. Thanks for the idea!

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    Jennifer says:

    I love this post. Pancakes are a tradition in my family as well but I love your “sprinkle” and “syrupy syrup” days. That’s adorable. Your family looks so happy! Great job Mom!

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    Stephanie says:

    I cook breakfast with my boyfriend and his roommate every Sunday morning. It really is a great way to connect. We usually make pancakes, too – or the occasional crepe if we’re feeling brave. Thanks for sharing!

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