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You wake up and suddenly you’re in love

This is post 6 of 6 from a talk I gave at the Big Traveling Potluck about taking care of your internet creativity through the artistic stylings of Billy Ocean. The other posts are here: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

You wake up and suddenly, you're in love

When I mentioned Billy Ocean, you probably smirked and thought, washed up eighties’ has-been.
Unnecessarily harsh, you.

But I get it.
With all of these words and pictures pouring into my face every day, I need to make harsh snap judgements to survive.

I make unnecessarily harsh snap judgements about myself too. When I live the majority of the day in my own head, comparing myself to everyone else’s success, well, beating myself up is to be expected.

Billy Ocean took a major leave of absence from the music industry. Yahoo Answers tells me it’s because of drug use, Billy Ocean says that it’s because he took a career break to raise his own kids.

I remember sitting in a hotel in America and thinking: what am I doing here? So I took a break, maybe for longer than I thought. And now my daughter Cherie is one of my backing singers

His self-story isn’t as harsh as the public perception might be.
He’s on tour right now.

He believes he has worth.
Too often, I don’t.

Why aren’t I skinnier? I’m so untalented, messy and disorganized. I have no taste, everything I pick is wrong, I’m so lame, I’m the stupidest, I’m the worst, what do I even think I could ever offer the world? I’m the worst in the whole world, I mean look at her, she’s got twenty seven homeschooled kids and makes homemade meals for and works out and what’s…

Oh comparison.

My self talk is what sets up my brain for each day. Negative self-talk puts a damper on my creativity. In this digital world, negative self-talk is a natural process our lizard brains employ to save us from the onslaught of all this.. content.

Negative self-talk is also a way to avoid negative comments. My brain wants to protect me from the criticism of the masses. My brain wants to stop me from taking the risks that lead to pain. Thing is, these risks can also lead to growth. And positive self-talk (or giving yourself a break) is the thing that can make the difference.

Never before in history were humans expected to be expert photographers, homekeepers, great writers, skilled editors, witty socializers, recipe developers, cooks, entertainers, programmers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and PR people while staying atop all communication on a timely manner.

Hearing it listed out that way is super weird, right?

The people that you think do all of those things, or have all of those things have lots of help.
I work with them (and their assistants, writers, PR people and photographers) for my day job.
I know this for a fact.

It’s time to cut myself a break.
My creativity depends on it.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Billy Ocean said, “I treat every day like a new start.”
We all can too.

Billy Ocean

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