13 June, 2013  |   1 Comment

Probably. An Update.

Probably, working, or wiping or washing.
Or maybe I’m making our dinner.
Tuesday Night

Probably, hustling, not hiding or hurting.
Or maybe, you’re hinting a little.
Tuesday Night

Probably, sighing, while singing and sunning.
Or maybe, we’re sliding down sand dunes.
Tuesday Night

Probably performing, perfecting our pieces.
Or maybe, we grow up from preschool.
Preschool Graduation

Probably, twirling, thrice turning and twisting.
Or maybe, we went to the beach.
We go to the ocean

We go to the ocean

We go to the ocean

Probably, laughing, losing track of our latitude.
Or maybe, we’re reaching for peace.

Tuesday Night

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    agirlandaboy says:

    Ahhhh. You are a breath of fresh air.

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