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Unsolicited Schoolgirl Advice

New classroom There’s something about my firstborn daughter that brings out the unsolicited in me.

(I even sent her a whole alphabet of advice before she was born.)

I sent her off to kindergarten,
I wanted to protect her

I can’t do that,
but I can advise.

Sharing advice that would have made my school experience a little less fraught might defraughten her time there.

Defraughten is totally a word.

Proud Papa

Everyone Loves a Point of View
Everyone Hates a Point of View

This has as much to do with writing as it does with elementary school.
From art projects to stories, from book reports to musical performances.
Everyone loves/hates a point of view.

Having a point of view and the strength to defend will thrill and annoy your teachers.
It will thrill and annoy your classmates. It will excite and terrify you.

And it is nearly everything.
It is what I am.
My point of view.

Because we are girls,
because we are humans,
it is what we defend.

You have to copy to be original.

You need to copy, copy the teacher, copy the handwriting, copy the instructions.
(This doesn’t mean you copy your neighbor’s test paper. Ahem.)
This means you develop your skills now, through imitating, through replication.

This works for grownups too.

There’s a strong opinion out there that copying of all types is sad.
Less than.

But only through imitating can we learn the skills that came before.
Copy as much as you can.
Give thanks and acknowledgement for where it came from.
Incorporate those skills to be you.

Energy Begets Energy

The more energy I put out, the more energy gets created.
I make my own energy.

This fact has gotten me over my love of the couch,
my fear of exercise, and
further in my career.

The more energy I put out, the more I get.
Early morning runs and jump roping,
Late night prep and conversations.

Muster up the energy to create more energy.
It’s not easy, but it propels. Further.

Proud Mama


Let’s learn lots together.

3 thoughts on “Unsolicited Schoolgirl Advice

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    I’ve been reading your blog for ages, literally ages! Like, 2003, 2004 long. I cannot believe your daughter is in kindergarten!

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    Angella says:

    Love. This, and you guys.

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