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Coloring Pages for Sale!

As part of attending Camp Mighty, I’m raising $200 for charity: water.



I’m making coloring pages.
To order.
Send me a sentence.
Or a request,
and I’ll make you a page you can color.


Here are some animals eating donuts coloring pages that I drew earlier this year.

I’m happy to draw any sentence* you send me in a coloring page format.
For $5.

For $10 I’ll send you the original drawing.
(Heavy paper, pen and ink, the whole wangdangle.)
I’ll follow up with you email-style for your address.

Princess Nora

Sound fun?
Paypal me your desired amount ($5 or $10) at helenjane AT gmail.
Put your requested sentence in the notes.
I’ll follow up within 24 hours with some communication about your image.
You should get your coloring page within 48 hours. I’m speedy like that.

– Offer good from September 4 – September 18, 2013
– $5 gets you an electronic copy of an illustrated sentence.
– $10 gets you an electronic copy AND a real life copy.
– You can use the image for whatever you want. You could even sell the picture to a company. But that would be weird.
– * It pains me to say it, but no sexy or violent or offensive stuff.
– All money that comes my way goes to charity: water.
– What you get is what you get.

Today's requested coloring page thanks to turkey bacon replacement rage: "I want to color a picture of you burning and drowning in hot lava."

Thanks for playing along!
Thanks for putting up with me!
Thanks to Mrs. Kennedy for the original idea!

2 thoughts on “Coloring Pages for Sale!

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    alyca Arentsen says:

    Hey. I would love to purchase a lot for my library/technology lesson plans for the kids. Reading incentive ideas? Pictures of obscure characters that they could write a story about? Helen and Alyca on a road trip:) Have $s to give!

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