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School Supply Staples

This post thanks to Staples.

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There’s something about this time of the year that has us updating our tools.

The grownups in the family update our backpacks, Sharpies, pens, computers, paper and clipboards.

The kids in the family update their lunch boxes, backpacks, washable markers, crayons, pencils and paper

I was excited to go back to school shopping, supplies! gear!

Yet, luckily for the kids, our school system provides those supplies for the primary school.

Kids in our system only need a backpack.

And thankfully, the thing Nora Lea was most excited about updating was her big kid backpack.

I dreaded the inevitable princess character backpack. Although I appreciate the place of a princess in a child’s entertainment, but I don’t appreciate the way that those stories can hijack their imaginations.

Enter Staples, little would I have thought they’d have great back to school supplies — and even better, Nora Lea picked the sweetest purple backpack with sea creatures on it.

Man, I’ve been so smug about it.

I know my momsmug will last another 13 minutes. Something will happen to slap me back to reality.

Like the fact that I forgot a check for picture day.
Or her many other princess items.
Or that I’m bumbling about, making this up as I go along.

To the grownups, updating of office supplies ahoy!
Backpacks, Sharpies, pens, computers, paper and clipboards were on the list.

My solar powered backpack, charges my phone and computer on my 2 and a half hour commute. Surprise. It works and is awesomely worth it. It charges on my 30 minute walk each way to the ferry and I use it to charge my phone on the second leg.

Our Samsung Chromebook is light and swift and new. My old laptop misses its 1 key and the + key and weighs a burly 8.5 pounds. Plus, new technology makes James want to make out with me a lot more. That’s a bonus.

Thanks be to Staples for updating supplies for both school and office.
We’re mighty pleased.

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