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Empathy muscles.

Week of October 20

This week, I’m headed to Oregon to meet some great food bloggers and try to regain ¬†perspective.

I originally wrote regain sanity, instead of perspective, and then I got worried that that would be insensitive to the insane, and that the internet pitchfork crew would show up and wave their poky rakes around these parts.

(I certainly hope I am not. I love the mentally ill.)

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I wrote some dumb stuff in my past. I see that people get crucified for writing dumb stuff in their past.

I worry about that.

Drat, I said crucified. Someone’s going to get mad that they knew someone who really was crucified and now I’m insensitive to the crucified.

(I certainly hope I am not. I’d hate to see anyone tortured and put to death.)

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I’ve been pretty thoughtless in my past and I see that people get demonized for that now.

I worry about that.

Rats, I said demonized. Someone’s going to get upset that I’m insensitive to Lucifer lovers and Satanists the world over.

(I certainly hope I am not. Satanists have an interesting thing going on.)

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What I’m saying is that, in my corner of the internet, we have lost our sense of humor, our ability to see past hyperbole and our mob-like sensibilities are trigger-happy.

Actually, that’s a good thing overall.
We’re strengthening our empathy muscles.

But this transition is a bitch.

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Yep, I probably could have used a more gender-neutral noun for that one, but you’ll forgive me for the larger point.

When we get to a spot in the world
where everyone has been publicly shamed for
their stupidity, their thoughtlessness and
their bumbling humanity,
we can show kindness,
our true empathy,
from a more honest place.

In the meantime, I’m putting my pitchfork down, and working on my empathy.

St. Helena FFA pumpkin patch

(No offense meant to the people who actually have to wave pitchforks for a living.)

7 thoughts on “Empathy muscles.

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    Alyce says:

    Putting down my pitchfork to say hello. A little more empathy is good medicine for all of us. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. 2
    bluishorange says:

    We love you too, HJ!

    The Mentally Ill

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    Shauna says:

    This is fantastic. Spot on!

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    Angella says:

    Remember when you could just write a post without worrying about repercussions? I miss those days.



  6. 6
    Heather says:

    Love this, twinsie.

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