2 November, 2013  |   Comment

Halloween with small people

All the kids, before the ritual

You go, Halloween.
Bring us death, gore and sexy.
Bring ritual, reminders, cheer.

We will die.
We celebrate.

Nora Lea was a scary purple witch.

My kids were cats
also witches,
the makeup wasn’t right and
the candy made them mean yet

Don't get between Dottie and her matakamole.

dear Dottie’s favorite part was handing out candy from her own collection, because, “They needed the candy more than I do.”
(Gah, she’s three and she gets happiness from giving. What’s my problem?)

Tomorrow’s extra-hour day, my favorite day of the year.
(Besides my other favorites.)

I think I’m going to hike or
make thank you cards or
get ahead on the holidays or
start my big project.

It’s still the beginning of the month,
I’m invincible.
What’s your big project?

Hooray for replies!