10 November, 2013  |   1 Comment

What we’re eating this week…

What we're eating this week...

My children screamed for an entire weekend.
I have been listening to small people scream for days.
I don’t know who I am anymore.

Also: this week’s meal plan is one day in and it looks like we’re eating different foods all week.
This happens.

Any tips for calm parenting are appreciated.
Because I’ve put myself in 6 timeouts this weekend and I don’t think they helped.

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    mr. bill says:

    The real unfortunate thing, HJ, is that in a few short years the screaming will be replaced with long periods of sullen silence, punctuated by the occasional door slamming. And you will look back on all the toddler drama with fond nostalgia…In the meantime, best advice from your neighbor up the hill in Angwin and new blog follower is to take a glass (or several) of cava with floated absinthe; discovered this in a tapas restaurant.

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