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A prayer to find sexy.

Hey @screenburn, whatcha doing later? #It'sMyBirthday

I used to work with a woman who found everyone sexy.

The woman who found everyone sexy would
put her hand on the wall after the meeting,
and breathe,
“Damn, he’s hot,” about
62 year old executives,
ponytailed IT guys and
sweaty interns.

She especially loved delivery men,
bespectacled creative department dudes and
the sweaty interns.

“Isn’t she hot?” she would ask about
visiting salespeople,
the plant watering lady and
elderly receptionists.

And I had another friend,
who complained about being lonely.

No one was good enough, ever.

Grossed out by
that receptionist’s affectionate relationship with her husband,
she was disgusted by seemingly unequal celebrity pairings.

What a terrible way to live.

Please, big universe,
let me find the sexy,
the interesting and creative
in and of the world,
so I remain open to making new things.

8 thoughts on “A prayer to find sexy.

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    Erin says:

    I love this post.

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    Winter says:

    Your writing today just made my day. Thanks!

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    Paula says:

    Love the artwork – do you know the source?

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    such an awesome way to be in the world.

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Hooray for replies!