14 November, 2013  |   1 Comment

Speaking of sexy

Jack Tripper has my heart.

You have that list of top 5 people, right?
(those you’d do in a heartbeat?)
(those your partner agreed, if you have the chance, you should go ahead and do?)

My list:
Michio Kaku
Mos Def
Sayid from Lost (only as Sayid, sorry Naveen)
Dick Van Dyke (only in Mary Poppins, but he can’t speak in that Cockney accent)
Jack Tripper (only as Jack Tripper)

I guess that means I married the right guy?

One thought on “Speaking of sexy

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    bluishorange says:

    Jensen Ackles
    Nathan Fillion
    Adam Scott
    John Krasinski
    John Hawkes

    What can I say? I like ’em a little nerdy and goofy.

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