15 November, 2013  |   Comment


Mustard Flowers

We humans are each born with an inherent talent to help others through a transition.
You, yes, you, have an inside talent for helping people through a transition.

That your skill for transitions may come from big, big changes, the biggest.
Maybe you help people come into or leave this life.

That your talent may be for lesser changes,
for helping people become married, or
deal with the first day of school or
the first nocturnal emissions (heh),

that your love for the transition for learning to drive or learning a new language or graduating or moving, moving, moving ahead.

We are all here to help with transitions.

It’s why we have doulas, hospice nurses, crisis counselors and coaches.
It’s why we have you.

I’m still trying to figure out the one I’m good at.
(I think it has to do with helping people transition to this networked world.)

I bet you have a knack for a transition.

Hooray for replies!