18 November, 2013  |   Comment

Weekend update

Rainbow Princess

Acme Fine Wines Meat and Greet.*
Erin’s graduation + new house party.**
Sick Dottie, sick, sick, stomach flu Dottie.***
Makena’s birthday Big Top extravaganza.****
Auntie making a visit for dinner and pink hair stripening.*****

* Do you have to buy wine for someone special this holiday? You should drop Acme a note. (Uncannily appropriate wine recommendations from real humans.

** Different Erin. MBA + new house buying. No worries.

*** Hereby voting for the betterment of sick kids everywhere. Let’s make them all better. Now.

**** Fanciest 4 year old birthday party ever. Face painting and balloon animals and an uncreepy clown.

***** When she was two, we told her if she learned to read, she could get a pink stripe in her hair. She held us to it.

Hooray for replies!