25 November, 2013  |   Comment

We all had the flu

So there went last week.

The kids and the grownups, all together, in bed, all week, helping each other as we could.
(It was a rough one.)

But this flu was a clarity flu.
It was the kind of flu that knocks me down, brutal, knocking my coffee addiction to last week, pushing my priorities in a new kind of line.

I like those flus.

They offer a freedom to evaluate what I hold dear, and what I can let go of.
And hoo, boy, there’s a lot of letting go.

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week.
Three things I wrote about Thanksgiving:
Where would we be without Tisquantum?
How I set a Thanksgiving budget.
The best cranberry bread recipe that also happens to be our family recipe.

Hooray for replies!