2 December, 2013  |   1 Comment


We’ve gotten sicker than we were.
Colds and new flus and symptoms ahoy.
Sleeping lots, tissues all over the house.

Trying to rally for events has taken all the energy.
(For the rest of the time, we sleep.)

We went to see Santa and Mrs. Claus at a gorgeous event at Flora Springs.

Mrs. Claus reading stories

Requests made


Then we slept for more than a few hours each.

Before that, we ate Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving 2013

After that, we slept for another eleventeen hours each.

We then cancelled our annual holiday cocktail party.
(Thanks to all that sickness. And the sleeping.)

Post-Santa park


Looking forward to a month of healing, happiness, naps and self-care.
Looking forward to the same for you.

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    L Olsen says:

    Cute pictures! Hope you guys recover soon! 🙂

Hooray for replies!