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Harry & David and me (notes from a trip)

I think I told you, back in October, that I had gone to Ashland, Oregon with some food bloggers for a weekend sponsored by Harry and David, right?

Sandy from the Reluctant Entertainer put the weekend together. She is a powerhouse connector. Generous with her time and talents, we were treated to dinner in her home — followed up by her daughter’s violin performance. For the entire weekend, she entertained 15 thrilled writers with a weekend filled with treats.

We had the right amount of down time, so that I could get to know this group of digital publishers well — just like the luxury of down time affords. The great meals, at Ashland cuties like the Deja Vu Wine bar added to the connection.

The best part, for me was meeting all this new-to-me talent (although they’ve been doing it for years).
Inspired by Charm
Add a Pinch
Cookies and Cups
Gimme Some Oven
The Little Kitchen
Amanda from Kevin and Amanda
From Home to Roam
The Inspired Room
Bake Your Day
Love and Olive Oil
Skinny Taste

Harry & David put on an amazing blogger event.

It gave me some space to think more about how blogs work, and why keeping a day job makes for the happiest bloggers.

Why should you care? Harry & David employs locals. They make, bake, or grow about 80% of their products. They reminded me a whole lot of many wineries local to me — dependent on an agricultural product, employing locally and being a big part of the health of a community. The fact that they sell beautiful gift baskets doesn’t hurt either.

My secret favorite part of the trip was the trip to the Rogue Creamery. One of the cheeses that knocked my socks off as a young cheese enthusiast was Rogue River Blue. When I host cheese tastings, it’s nearly always on the plate. And here, I was, at their home base, checking out the facilities, loving up on their marketing director.

Another highlight was our trip to Penny and Lulu for lunch. A gorgeous workshop/flower shop/creative/event space, they hosted an amazing lunch with great people.

It’s starting to be a theme.

The more I live in this world, the more I find that people want to help each other be great. Whether it’s something like food blogging or corporate gift baskets, moss-covered chandeliers or cheese companies, the more I get on, the more I see that we want to do our best and help each other out.

Thanks Sandy for an amazing weekend. It meant the world to me.

2 thoughts on “Harry & David and me (notes from a trip)

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    Beautifully written. Loved getting to spend time getting to know such a cool company and getting to know you. Annnnd now I’m craving more of that Rogue River Blue. 🙂

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    Land says:

    I, too, have seen the Harry & David Moose Munch popcorn popper with my own eyes. It’s big enough to pop a VW in! Great factory tour and located in a beautiful and bountiful part of the world.

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