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Happy New Year! (Recap and resolutions)

Every year, I do this. Every year.
So, here, it is, a recap and few resolutions.

Mustard Flowers

2013 allowed me to love this glorious medium for what it is (and what it’s not).
2013. I worked and worked and worked.
2013. I slept a little more.
2013. I flaked too much.
2013. It was a year.

Pinot, look over there!

Things that happened this year:
Took my kids to Disneyland for the first time. Spoke at Alt Summit – in Utah and in San Francisco. Spoke at Mom 2.0. Hosted two little girls’ birthday parties. I got sick and my kids got sick and my husband got sick. I went to New York with my sister TWICE. My daughter started kindergarten and I cried. I got to keynote a conference! I found myself in Readers Digest, Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies Home Journal. Made donuts. I conceptualized award-winning campaigns (for Levis and Hyundai). Drew a coloring book of animals eating donuts. Adopted a family for Christmas. Went to a black tie wedding! Threw fewer parties. Hosted another chili cookoff. I updated my blog less and fell madly in love with Instagram. Visited my parents in Wisconsin. Started exercising again, and ran a 5K. I had a lot of hard conversations with people who want to make money from their blog (It is for a very specific kind of person!). I went to Oregon thanks to Harry and David and then I exhaled. Loved more. Worried a lot. Tried to be better.

St. Helena Thursday Night Chili Cookoff

In 2014, I’m traveling 90% less. It makes my kids and husband grumpy and there’s not much that can’t be solved with a Hangout now anyway.


In 2014, I hope to be:
More Healthy,
More Patient and
More Sillier.

More Patient breaks down into these 3:
Yell less.
I yell at my kids when I have asked them 3 times to do something. I ask them 3 times to do something every time. That means I yell at them every time. I grew up in a yelling household and it damaged me. I am perpetrating the cycle and I want to stop it. We’re getting help, but any recommendations are appreciated.

Rainbows, everywhere

Use my calendar.
I check my gd phone enough, I can set up warnings, I have my hours and minutes right there.

Cut my to dos in half.
I make a list every morning of what I have to do. It fills up a whole piece of paper with teeny tiny writing. I do about a third of it and then feel terrible every night when I didn’t knock everything off my list.


Old Fashioned, doughnut

So now, after I make my list, I’m going to chop it in half.
(Sanity restored.)

What a night! (We should almost be recovered by next week.) #leighanneandtonynvs

We didn’t have all the crushing depression and anxiety that colored our 2011 and 2012. And for that I’m grateful. It’s amazing the work that goes into life. (Especially the work that goes into keeping depression and anxiety at bay.) I did become pricklier, per my 2013 resolution, and it was awesome.

Talent day

Thanks for being my friend, internet.
Let’s get silly this year.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (Recap and resolutions)

  1. 1

    Vines. more vines for 2014. let the silly BEGIN.

  2. 2
    Sarah Brown says:

    You’re a good egg, HJ.

  3. 3
    Alyce says:

    Sillier and more patient sound wonderful to me.
    Ymmv, but I’ve found I yell when I think I’m not being heard. So trite. So true (for me). Taking a deep breath helps when I remember to do it. Oooh boy do I not like yelling. It’s very uncomfortable.

    Happy new year! Good luck with your resolutions.

  4. 4
    jen says:

    When you are about to yell go into the bathroom and close the door and take a moment.

  5. 5

    I think I’m going to add “More Helen Jane” to my New Year’s resolutions list. Please work with me to make this happen. 🙂

  6. 6
    Kristin says:

    I am also a to-do list maker! Live and die by them, but when I found they were driving me cukoo, I started a new strategy. One category of “need to do” and one of “want to do.” I listed three in each and told myself if I could do three total from the list of six then I was good for the day. So freeing.

  7. 7

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