7 January, 2014  |   1 Comment

What we’re eating this week

What we're eating the week of January 6

This week, we are just trying to get back into life after some luxurious downtime.

Tracy from Shutterbean made yesterday’s enchiladas. She just came over to my house on Saturday and started making them.

She’s like my internet house elf.

Then she took this photo of our children.


In the meantime, we have children weeping at the prospect of school.

My reading Wonder Woman

Unless they’re feeling superheroish.
Let’s go save something.

One thought on “What we’re eating this week

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    Lori Haislip says:

    I see you are having minestrone this week. I just want to thank you for that recipe – I have made it so many times! It is perfect for many occasions and especially for taking to someone as a meal. I made it for Christmas Day, to tide us over from a big breakfast until our big dinner 🙂

Hooray for replies!