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Great sites I like to read

Six great sites and a line from each
Frozen Soundtrack 4EVA

Damn Gina
“Our school song had the line “like the astronauts bravely flying in the sky, we are proud our flag to fly” but no one really ever got into the details with us of how the astronaut our school was named after actually burned up on the launch pad, even after we watched the Challenger explode live on TV.”

A Cup of Tea and a Wheat Penny
“I can barely remember nineteen.”

Inspired by Charm
“It’s all about the presentation, isn’t it?”

Rage Against the Minivan
“But really, it’s the mind games. It’s the daily, hourly micro-aggressions involved in living with totally volatile and irrational people.”

Staffs and contributors and stuff
The Toast
“How To Tell If You’re In A Hemingway Novel – 1. Everyone respects you. This disgusts you.”

The Hairpin
“No one pays attention to a quiet creek ; likely few have noticed yr still surface. & those who have & who love you will stand near & know you in yr new way, as long as it lasts.)”

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    zan says:

    ♥ (and I thoroughly second the others)

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    I like to read Twisted Susan, that b*tch is so smart and funny and youthful you’d never know she’s a harried old lady with no real talent.

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