31 January, 2014  |   Comment

Resolvation Update

At the beginning of the month, I said that I was resolving in 2014 to:

  • More Healthy
  • More Sillier
  • More Patient
    • Yell less
    • Use my calendar
    • Cut my to dos in half

So how am I doing?

For More Healthy
I’m signed up for Kristen’s DietBet. I’m running and jumping rope and logging my calories. I didn’t start until near the end of the month, but hey. These things are happening now, right? And that’s enough?

For More Patient > Yell less
I found a yelling buddy on the internet that I can check in with. And I’m identifying when I’m likely to get upset — low blood sugar on both parts is to be avoided at all costs.

For More Patient > Use my Calendar
I have been tracking my actual activities in a calendar — and found that outside of my day job, I was spending a lot more time doing meal prep and housework than anything else. That’s great, but not really where I want to be spending the majority of my time.
(Three cheers for tracking!)

For More Patient > Cut my to dos in half
I’ve been writing fewer things on my list. And just disengaged from a gang of responsibilities. So better than the list, the life is on purpose chopping things out.
(Maturity is dovetails nicely with a drop in FOMO.)

For More sillier
We’ve done a few goofy Instagram videos, and I’ve been fond of telling my favorite joke* but my silly has a ways to go. One silly thing a day in February? Go!


* Q: What does the Jellyfish have on its tummy?

Hooray for replies!