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O. Luxury!   (Meeting grandparents at the park.)Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound
The title and first part seemed a little iffy to me, but as I read, I found myself nodding.

“In our society, there is no safe place for a mother to vent her rage. And so often it comes out unconsciously to one’s children. A daughter is a very potent target for a mother’s rage because the daughter has not yet had to give up her personhood for motherhood. The young daughter may remind the mother of her un-lived potential. And if the daughter feels worthy enough to reject some of the patriarchal mandates that the mother has had to swallow, then she can easily trigger that underground rage for the mother.”

Some Years
I try to look for the light.
And when I see it, in these small, simple moments, I try to stop, to appreciate.

King Kendrick and the Ivory Tower
What hip-hop can teach academia. Seriously.

TV Hand Job Hall of Fame
This NSFW article has everything I love about the internet.

“Sometimes a hand job is a gift, and sometimes it is a way to punish a dying man who just confessed his love for you after being your bodyguard for eight years.”

Hooray for replies!