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Nora Lea’s Lego Birthday Party

Our shining enigma turned six this summer.
To celebrate, we threw a Lego themed birthday party.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

Two days before the party, Nora complained of a tummy ache.
No problem! We agreed she would be fine by her party!

When she was still sleeping 30 minutes after the first guests arrived, we realized she was definitely not fine yet.

But the party is strong with that one, so she pulled it together and sat quietly while her friends bopped around and played hard.

We played “Guess how many Legos are in the jar!”
(There were 88. We realized Nora had the right answer because of an eavesdropping sister.)

Nora Lea's Lego Party

We made a Lego bean bag toss board — I’ll show you how we made it later this week. It was super easy and it occupied the children for at least 15 minutes.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

More than one child was disappointed in the contents of our goodie bags. (Lego eraser, a small notebook and a pack of Lego man shaped crayons.)

I crossed my arms and said smugly, “When I was a child we did not have goodie bags.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

Our friend Melissa made this amazing cake. Before serving, we covered the cake in industrious Lego people that we then removed before serving and are humans weird or what?

Nora Lea's Lego Party

James crafted the utensil holder from Legos. He is my favorite.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

Little girls picnicked on macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. They spent most of the party sitting on a blanket and talking about presents.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

We had lots of Legos laying about for grownups and kids to build together.

Nora Lea's Lego Party

Let’s all build together.

Happy birthday my Nora Lea.

7 thoughts on “Nora Lea’s Lego Birthday Party

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    Jules says:

    I laughed out loud at this gem: “When I was a child we did not have goodie bags.”

    Is a party not enough fun for these kiddos?! It’s like complaining about favors at a wedding. It was a celebration and there was open bar and cake. What more do we need?

    Love the party recap, adorable theme — and glad you are back blogging!

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  3. 3
    laurakeabs says:

    LOVE this idea – wish I had thought of it for my 21st!

  4. 4
    heather... says:

    Yet another way Nora Lea and Annie are long-lost besties. She was next to me when I read this post earlier and practically cried because, “I want a Lego-o-o-o party with my friend-end-endssss.”

    Happy Birthday, Nora Lea! Sorry you weren’t feeling tip-top. xo

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