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Wine Wednesday: White Wine Spritzer

Get you a spritzerLately, I’ve embraced my inner Mom.
I’m co-opting Dadcore, and embracing Momcore.

I’d fought it for a while, but it’s true. I now truly celebrate the following:
Sporty Flats
The Spritzer

Give me some summer-ready white wine and some ice cubes. Find a smallish jelly jar, and add seltzer or club soda. Bon Appetit tells us that we should add 3 parts wine to 1 part club soda, but I often add more of the bubbles.

I have no more shame of the spritzer, unless it’s some late harvest dessert wine from a storied producer. Don’t spritz the expensive stuff!

Embracing the spritzer during these late summer weeks lets me sip twice as much for the calories. It pairs beautifully with all these fruits and vegetables that are getting ripe and I can keep the buzz at bay.

Grape Tasting

Since frozen grapes are also a family snack staple this time of year, I add them to my spritzer for a little sweet and a lot of novelty.

My favorite spritzer wines (which in no way reflects on their quality — they just pair well with the club soda):
Pine Ridge Vigonier and Chenin Blanc blend
Cowgirl Sisterhood White
Sutter Home Gewurtztraminer

Add frozen grapes! Add ice! Add club soda!
Spritz away!



2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: White Wine Spritzer

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    Tracy says:

    Spritzers for life!

  2. 2

    Lol! Isn’t that the truth. Wearing anything but my Birkis nearly cripples me. And I was a high heels only girl just a few short years ago. It seems like 35-almost 38 aged me ten times after than 30-35.

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