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Make a Lego bean bag toss game!

Oh right! I was going to share how we made this Lego bean bag toss game that we made for Nora Lea’s sixth birthday party.

Let’s get on that!

I got my handsome manfriend to help first. That was pretty awesome, but I know you can do this yourself.

We found an old 7/16 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft piece of plywood. We spray painted it orange.

Then we used flat metal thumbtacks to stick plastic disposable plates to the plywood board. It was so easy, Nora Lea could help.

Then, we painted the plates to match the board.

I cut numbers out of sticky-backed foam – these represented the different points you’d get for tossing your bean bag on the right plate.

In my fantasies, I sewed a thematically appropriate bean bag for tossing.

In reality, I found a few unmatched, relatively clean socks. Then I filled them with rice and tied them off. They worked like a charm.

We played a few rounds and the prizewinner received a notebook with some washable markers. I believe the child was originally grumpy about their prize, but I was like, YO THAT’S A MOLESKINE and it had no bearing on the child’s disappointment.

Go make your own Lego bean bag toss!

2 thoughts on “Make a Lego bean bag toss game!

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    […] I took the general idea for this bean bag toss game from this blog: http://helenjane.com/2014/08/19/make-a-lego-bean-bag-toss-game/ […]

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    Anne says:

    I was searching for bean bag game toss ideas when I found this post. Simple but solid – love it!! I tried it for our church’s trunk or treat… slightly modified. I posted a few words and a pic, if you’re interested:


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