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Wine Wednesday: Earthquake Edition

Napa earthquake at my office.

This is the office I work in — it’s in someone’s home. Yes, I totally agree with you that it could be worse, but you could agree with me,  you would be pretty bummed if that happened in your home office.

When I moved to San Francisco, my Midwestern rootfolk asked me, “But what about the EARTHQUAKES?”

I thought the likelihood of one happening to me was low.

Plus, my Midwestern people deal regularly with floods, raging hail storms, thunderstorms, iced over highways, tornados and lightning. They had it worse than me, in my book.

But no tornado was as scary as what we went through last weekend.

We are fine and our friends are fine,
they lost lifelong collections,
they lost dishes,
also they are not fine.

When you a part of a community that,
as a group, faced its inevitable mortality,
that community’s minds are elsewhere.

We thought, “Well, that’s it.”
Everyone thought that,
if they woke up.
And a lot of people woke up.

I noticed it’s the same for people who are moving.
Their minds are with their stuff —
where the detergent is,
the spoons,
when they’ll find that belt that they love.

And when you add coming face to face with certain death to losing most of the stuff in your home, I’m quite astonished at the number of folks in the Napa valley just back at work.

Tough people, these farmers.
Damage to our wineries is minimal.
You should come visit them.

Thank goodness it's just stuff, right?

This is my boss’ house. They lost a lot of stuff.

So move!
(I hear you say.)

Why live on a fault line?
(I hear you ask.)

Anything that happens to you from here on out is your FAULT

We’re staying because this is the best community for us, in the whole world.

We are aware this is our fault.
Our fault.

But we’re willing to live with it.

We’re willing to thrive with it.

3 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: Earthquake Edition

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    ericalucci says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss in your community. Major events like this are scary. Glad you all aren’t hurt.

    I don’t blame anyone for living where they live. There’s risk everywhere! Heck, just last week people in Phoenix had water damage from a flash flood. Flooding in the desert!

    Visiting Napa is definitely on my list. I know I should do it sooner rather than later and I’ll be asking for your recommendations!

  2. 2
    Jennifer Knighton says:

    I’m so glad to hear that everyone is fine, bodily at least. I enjoyed (ha!) a 4.0 earthquake in American Canyon (where my in-laws lived at the time) on my birthday several years ago, and I’ll never forget the sound of it. It reminded me of a tornado I lived through as a child but was so much shorter and less destructive. I’d trade tornados for earthquakes any day. I’ll stay in Texas anyway – it’s my home. As Napa is yours, earthquakes and all.


  3. 3
    Angella says:

    Natural disasters — or other disasters — can happen anywhere. Anywhere. A good community is the best blessing one could hope for. Glad you’re okay. xoxo

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