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Sensory Evaluation Week

Smell the Glove.

In a way that’s different than when I was a kid, culture relies on images more than other sensory inputs.

Through photos, through graphics, through interface, that’s how we tell stories. These images inform us through screens. More pervasive than television or newspapers, this juicy visual shorthand is how we communicate.

Look at my pizza

As the tools to capture and share images evolve, these pictures absorb more of my attention. I scan, I scan, I skip, and I get really good at a never-ending lifetime game of Hot or Not, at a quick visual evaluation.

But the rest of my sensory evaluation is getting flabby.

Sight, that sense is all right, but I’ve done a rotten job at cultivating my hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and that still-undefined sixth sense.

She helps with the beans

Maybe it’s because I have spent so much of my life online — there are no smells, no touch, no taste online — I halfheartedly listen to music, when I remember, but even that is a pretty narrow category (background noise, music from 20 years ago).

This week, I’m exploring our senses. From noses to guts, from fingertips to Tympanic cavities, I want to think harder about what I’m letting come in my face and how I think about it.

When I pay attention to something, it’s how I love it.
I want to love more.
I want to pay better attention.

Looking up. All of it.

In the meantime, I’d love to know this thing from you:
What’s your favorite sense? Why?

2 thoughts on “Sensory Evaluation Week

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    I loved this. It’s a tough call but I think my favorite sense is smell. I guess it’s not a secret that it’s so closely tied to memory but even as something is happening, I want to take a big breath of it. Especially true when I go home. Coastal Massachusetts (and any home my mother lives in) has such a lovely, specific smell for every season. And of course we’re in my favorite few months for smelling AND tasting. Regardless, thank you for the casual reminder to take it all in.

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    Rich Reader says:

    It can be a toss-up between aroma, touch, and smell. The winner varies in moments.

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