18 November, 2014  |   1 Comment

She used to wink.

Her thumb, tho.

The autograph book came with Country Western Barbie. She had a large, flat button in her back. When you pushed it, her blue eyelid would drop over her eye.

Eventually it broke.
Or we broke it, depending.

As I keep getting older, I find myself wanting to take Country Western Barbie out for a drink.

Find out what she’s been up to.
See who she’s been winking at.

One thought on “She used to wink.

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    Sarah says:

    This was my first (and pretty much only) Barbie doll! I asked for and got it for my 6th birthday. My mom was a 70s feminist and she did not buy me a Barbie (or let anyone else buy one) until I specifically asked for it.
    30 years later I work for Mattel…

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